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After circulating an internal memo that made it clear JetBlue did not think of Steven Slater as a hero, the airline has now released a public statement.

The light-hearted document reads:

Sometimes the weird news is about us…

It wouldn’t be fair for us to point out absurdities in other corners of the industry without acknowledging when it’s about us. Well, this week’s news certainly falls into that category. Perhaps you heard a little story about one of our flight attendants? While we can’t discuss the details of what is an ongoing investigation, plenty of others have already formed opinions on the matter. Like, the entire Internet. (The reason we’re not commenting is that we respect the privacy of the individual. People can speak on their own behalf; we won’t do it for them.)

While this episode may feed your inner Office Space, we just want to take this space to recognize our 2,300 fantastic, awesome and professional Inflight Crewmembers for delivering the JetBlue Experience you’ve come to expect of us.

You can’t make this shtick up.

JetBlue has also issued a $100 voucher to those that were aboard Slater’s flight.

Meanwhile, the largest flight attendants union around in existence is coming to the defense of Slater – literally!

A day after he pleaded not guilty to a number of charges that could land him in prison, the Association of Flight Attendants says: “We want to advance the profession no matter what. Sometimes in order to do that we must help people who may not necessarily be members.”

With that sentiment/goal in mind, the AFA has offered to fund Slater’s legal team, something he might have to consider. After all, the fed-up employee’s action could land him in prison for seven years.

Wouldn’t it be depressing if Steve Slater spent more time behind bars than Lindsay Lohan?