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DMX is the man.

When barely a day passes in between your run-ins with the cops, that’s when you know you are hard core. Lindsay Lohan and her driving woes have nothing on him.

Just hours after X was released from jail yesterday, the rapper was pulled over by the police driving down Sunset Blvd in a rented Mercedes and busted again!

X’s manager says he recording studio around 11:20 p.m. when he was stopped for a minor traffic violation. Officers then learned he didn’t have a valid license.

A rare kind of DMX photo – it wasn’t taken in a police station!

DMX was issued a citation and will be due to appear in court sometime in the near future. Cops even allowed a passenger in the car to drive the rapper home.

That’s nice. Give the man a break. He’s been in solitary confinement enough times this year already … might as well give him a night or two in his own bed.

Yesterday’s release from jail came after the man served just 18 days of a 90-day sentence stemming from a reckless driving conviction way back in 2002.

Lohan was let out after 14 for the same thing. Just saying.