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Bachelorette viewers already knew Craig McKinnon was “dangerous.”

Last night on Bachelor Pad, a fellow contestant found it out first hand.

Despite apparently cleaning up his act on the season premiere, the Canadian with the amazing hair was voted off Monday after a behind-the-scenes incident.

Sources say that Craig, the nemesis of surprise contender Weatherman, went on a “nighttime spree” that frightened some of the women in the BP house.

CRAIG M.: His hair is epic. His behavior pathetic.

“Craig flipped out on Natalie [Getz] and scared the $h!t out of her,” said a source. “He pulled the sheets off her bed and was yelling and swearing at her.”

“She was petrified and was crying.”

Why would he pull such a ridiculous move? The standoff with Natalie began earlier in the night after Craig fell asleep in the foyer leading into the ladies’ bathroom. After Natalie asked the producers to help move him, Craig lashed out.

“The producers arrived with a camera and he flipped out,” an inside source told Radar Online. “He screamed at the cameraman and just seemed to snap.”

McKinnon later apologized, but it was too late, and the temper he showed whilst wooing Ali Fedotowsky did him in a second time in one summer on ABC.