Angelina Jolie: Stabbed in the Back as Usual!

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Angelina Jolie is having a rough go of it ... from like 2005-present.

Not only has Brad Pitt been wooing Jennifer Aniston (for months if not years, according to InTouch and its ilk), but now his mom is getting in on the diabolical plan to tear Brangelina apart! That's right, Jane Pitt is totally on Team Jen!

Stabbed in the Back For the 193rd Time

This reputable source claims the elder Pitt is spilling Angie's secrets to Jen, and that Jolie is publicly trashing Aniston and using Brad to "get even."

"Jane still thinks of Jen as a daughter," says a pal. "She knows Angelina isn't happy about it, but that doesn't stop her from keeping Jen in her life."

To Angelina, the friendship is a slap in the face. Angelina feels she - not Jen - should take precedence with his parents. Blaming Brad's ex even more than his mother, Angelina is intent on sending Jennifer Aniston a clear message:

Keep away from my family.

According to the friend, the main reason she took the twins to Eastern Europe was to upset Jane. Furious with her ongoing friendship with Jen, and feeling increasingly blackballed by her own family, Angelina wanted to send a message.

"Angie strongly thinks that the past is the past, and Jennifer and Jane should let each other go because their friendship is just disrespectful."

"Angie had been complaining to Brad that it's weird for his mom to talk to his ex-wife, but Brad just brushed it off," which Jolie didn't care for, and as a result, "she decided she didn't want Jane watching over the twins."

She's been sending that message loud and clear.

It's making it hard for Jane, who "cherishes her friendship with Jennifer," and has known her for 10 years. "They care about each other," the friend says. "Jane has never kept it a secret. She doesn't see why she has to cut off that connection."

Brad tends to agree with his mother, further rankling Angelina: "He thinks Jane is a grown woman and she should be able to do what she wants."

Hilarious, almost certainly untrue stuff right there. But can you really blame Jane? Angelina thinks Brad's dumb and boring in bed. B!tch please.

Just for fun, here's a look at some of the recent Angelina Jolie tabloid covers from THE PAST MONTH ALONE (click to enlarge for further hilarity):

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