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It’s hard to fathom a celeb news story with a longer shelf life will ever come along, and in recent years we’ve seen John Edwards knock up Rielle Hunter, Michael Jackson pass away, Tiger Woods completely implode and Britney Spears go bat$h!t insane.

All stories that have piqued lasting interest, yes. None of those topics will likely be emblazoned across supermarket tabloid covers years later, however.

For Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, their place in celebrity gossip history is assured. Here are a couple of gems from this past week …

Jennifer Aniston at SAGs
Photo via Getty Images for Turner

TOTALLY TRUE: If NW and OK say so ...

According to OK, Brad recently reached out to Jen on the 10th anniversary of their wedding. We’d already heard Jen’s stealing Brad Pitt – this confirms it!

Meanwhile, over in NW, whatever that is, we finally learn THE TRUTH about Brangelina. Considering none of what they say is true, that’s an ironic headline.

Hey, at least these publications are making up new stuff. Just last month, a certain magazine actually rehashed the original Angelina hijacking of Brad.

If Angelina and Brad actually split, would we even believe it? Would we assume Jennifer Aniston were somehow involved? Would OK! wet itself with joy?

We may never know.