Breaking Fake News: Angelina to Help Jen Adopt!

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Celebrity gossip tabloids, like everything else, run the gamut in terms of quality. It's all sensationalistic and scandalous, but some sources actually tell the truth too!

The following report did not originate from one of those sources.

Lowering the bar further than we ever dreamed possible, NW (whatever that is) provides this new twist on the "let's make Jennifer Aniston a mom" theme:

She's adopting ... with the help of Angelina Jolie!

What hilarious nonsense. Is there one person on the planet who believes this even a little bit? Secret calls? Letters? Brad insisting they end their fake rift?

While we give the publication credit for being original at least - Jen getting revenge by sneaking around with Brad behind Ange's back is getting passe - this isn't gossip, it's just printing lies. Not unlike Jessica Simpson's "shock" baby news ...

I Will Help U Adopt!

NW: Stands for No Way. True story.

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