Jennifer Aniston is a Mom ... Again and Again!

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Not unlike Life & Style's obsession with Kim Kardashian's revenge body, OK! Magazine really needs to hire some new writers to think up fresh material.

This week's cover story, regarding Jennifer Aniston becoming a mom - not just down the road, she is a mom, the mag boasts - may have been exciting.

There are just two problems:

  1. It's blatantly false.
  2. They ran almost identical stories three times this year already, including one just a few weeks ago, and in both U.S. and international editions.
Jen's a Mom!

JEN'S A MOM: Awesome! Except she's not, on any level.

This time, it's rumored boyfriend Chris Gartin who's made Jennifer Aniston’s dreams come true ... since he's got two adorable kids from his previous marriage.

OK! says that Jen loves his children, and that Chris may very well be "the right man to help Jen’s baby dreams come true!" So basically ... she's not a mom.

Seriously, come on guys. Do you think anyone believes this garbage at this point? Or that Jennifer Aniston is the only actress out there to fake impregnate?

Here's a look back at Jen's previous "baby news" from 2010:

Baby Time!
Having a Baby NOW!
Baby For Jen!

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