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SHOCKER ALERT: Michael Jackson’s alleged love child is not his actual daughter. She probably should’ve made up a fake mom for the purposes of her story.

The woman who supposedly gave birth to Mocienne Petit Jackson says … she did not give birth to her. That will put the kibosh on a paternity claim quickly!

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee, the sister of Michael’s friend Diana Ross, says Mocienne Petit Jackson “is not my daughter,” but that she is “delusional” and “bizarre.”

Best Dancer Ever?
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Another major hole in this tall tale, in which she is alleged to have conceived a child with Michael Jackson back in 1975? She never even met the pop icon.

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee: Not Michael Jackson’s baby mama.

Dr. Ross-Lee says Mocienne “was really harassing me at my office” for a time and was forced to have her employer contact the police to get her to stop.

She says she responded to one of her emails a few years ago to tell her she was mistaken and to wish her well. Apparently that didn’t satisfy the nut job.

Mocienne has requested that a judge allow her to take a DNA test to prove she’s his daughter and lay claim to custody of his kids and part of his fortune.

Hope she’s not banking on it, because it seems clear this person is not related to Michael in any way, shape or form. Omer Bhatti, on the other hand …