Ali Fedotowsky: Betrayed By Fame-Seeking Psychos!

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Ali Fedotowsky decided to star on The Bachelorette to find true love, and in pursuit of her dream man, the 25-year-old kept her options as open as possible.

“She likes guys who can keep her interested and teach her things. She loves learning new things,” explains her mother, Beth Johnson, to In Touch Weekly.

“It doesn’t matter” to Ali what her dates look like. In fact, “Ali has dated guys who are unattractive in other people’s eyes. It what's inside that matters!”

So sweet ... but might The Bachelorette producers have taken advantage of Ali's sweet nature and open-mindedness by contriving drama at her expense?

No effing way.

Ali Betrayed!
Fearless Fedotowsky

Who would cheat on, or betray sweet Ali? Mike Fleiss, that's who.

While the info revealed by ITW basically sums up The Bachelorette spoilers we already know, thanks to venerable sleuth Reality Steve, it's still shocking.

We've had complaints about this before, so we'll continue after the jump. If you wish to remain in the dark about scandalous events to come, stop here!

The report details how producers steered Ali toward one unsuitable guy after another - and we're not even talking about Justin "Rated R" Rego this time, either.

Nice guy Frank Neuschafer, who's rumored to be in Ali's final three, has a major secret of his own, and ends up eliminating himself after the hometown dates.

“Frank was the early favorite because he had the first date of the season with Ali, but by the end of the show, women are going to hate him,” says Reality Steve.

Frank has a girlfriend back in Chicago whom he’s “still in love with” and while the producers were aware of this, they never warned Ali Fedotowsky even once.

What resulted - and what we will see unfold at some point in the coming weeks - was an on-screen confrontation that was both heartbreaking and humiliating.

“Ali was left in the dark,” says Steve, who reveals that she went so far as to take Frank to Tahiti as one of her final three, only to lose out to Nicole back home.

“There was no rose ceremony" and "he just left,” Steve reveals.

Fortunately, the two remaining guys of the final three, Chris Lambton and Roberto Martinez, will be there to pick up the pieces, but what if Frank was The One?

Will Ali boot both Chris and Roberto and end up picking no one?

Not even Steve knows that yet. But we'll know when he does.

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