Report: Tiger Woods Meets with Divorce Lawyer

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Tiger Woods recently met with attorney Jeff Fisher, who has represented a number of star athletes in their divorces, according to the New York Daily News.

Based in West Palm Beach, Fla., Fisher made a name for himself handling cases for the rich, but his high-profile nature may clash with the private Woods.

Regardless, a Tiger divorce filing appears imminent as wife Elin Nordegren is currently in Sweden with their two children while he's flyin' solo in Florida.

It looks like he may be single and ready to mingle soon, too. Once a regular on the Orlando scene, Tiger has been in self-imposed exile – until recently.

“Tiger is back out at night and he’s more like the way he used to be,” one source close to him told Radar Online. “He’s been outgoing and flirtatious.”

“Tiger and Elin don’t even interact anymore. She has her own life.”

HEY LADIES: Tiger is reportedly back on the prowl ... kind of!

If Elin Woods is rebuilding her life after Tiger, he's slowly doing the same. While he has not returned to the womanizing that landed him 121 mistresses and a stint in sex addiction rehab, he is no longer isolating himself either.

If she's not wearing her ring, then neither will he.

“Tiger has been out at night more than the public knows and he’s very outgoing,” the source says. “Women love him. They come up and talk to him. He’s not hiding anymore. He’s friendly and outgoing, some would say flirtatious.”

The source made clear that he has not cheated on Elin. However:

“If the marriage ends, it’s obvious he’s not going to want to be alone for long,” the source said. “He wants to go out again, he wants his life back."

"With Elin gone he has not been sitting at home waiting for her.”

Hey, we know Joslyn James is never far away.


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