Random BFF Alert: Lynne Spears and Jill Zarin!

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Buddy-buddy and battling for the title of world's most narcissistic mom, Lynne Spears was spotted this week having a girls' night out with none other than Jill Zarin.

The mother of Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears was seen having dinner with the Real Housewives of NYC star at Kenmare in lower Manhattan having a long discussion.

Jill says: "We talked about Mother's Day, what we got, about New Orleans, about traveling. Her kids are doing great. Her grandkids are her life. She looks amazing."

"She's in amazing shape; she works out. She was really happy."

Jill Zarin and Daughter

This wasn't their first meeting though, as Jill Zarin explains:

"I met Lynne a few years ago backstage with [my daughter] Ali at Britney's concert at the Meadowlands [in New Jersey], we just connected and we kept in touch."

"When [Lynne Spears] comes to town we try to meet and catch up. She called me a couple of months ago and said she was coming to New York. It is [surprising]."

"I'm a Jewish girl from Long Island, and she's from Louisiana, so you couldn't get more apples and oranges. But we're moms who love our kids and who would do anything to protect them. And Ali and Jamie Lynn are around the same age."

Let's just hope Ali doesn't get knocked up at 16 too.

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