Lindsay Lohan Denies Probation Violation, Tells Off All You "Haters"

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Lindsay Lohan brushed off reports yesterday that she's in violation of her probation and staring down some time behind bars as a result, claiming she's been fully compliant in showing up on time and on schedule to her mandatory DUI classes.

Reports have surfaced that prosecutors would be seeking (and the judge would dole out) "significant jail time" if LL is shown to be in violation of her probation.

Outside the Glendale, Calif., site of the court-ordered recovery program she attended Wednesday, the troubled actress denied breaking any rules whatsoever.

"So I'm just leaving Right On Programs which is good, because I have been on time, and I have been agreeing to be here and everything," she said. "I've been up to par so, all those haters that are saying it’s not true, it [is] actually - I have about five left."

Gotta love that her "haters" include prosecutors and judges.

Lindsay with her mom/enabler Dina yesterday.

As for the busy 23-year-old's plans for the next couple of weeks, at last before she's found in violation of her probation at a May 20 hearing and tossed in the slammer?

High-paying, high-profile gigs, of course. (Not at all.) "I'm going right now to get all of the 6126 collection for my friend's new place that he's opening," she said.

"We're actually dressing all the staff and the waitresses, which is really exciting. I'm supporting a friend, so off to work. Work, work, work, work, work, work!"

The term is used very loosely in this case, we assure you. It will be interesting to see if she can talk her way out of this one, or if she'll ever lay off the crack.

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