Jon Gosselin: Looking For a Job!

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The recession is hitting everyone hard. Even Jon Gosselin. The former reality star and d-list celebrity is looking for a new way to bring home the bacon.

Limited in terms of options thanks to a settlement with TLC that effectively forced him to STFU legally, is currently on the hunt for career opportunities.

Ruler of the D-Bags

Anyone in the market for an overweight, unemployed father of eight with massive child support and a harem of mediocre girls at his disposal? Anyone?

"He knows he can't do any other TV shows [because of the settlement] but would like to get out there and work to provide for his family," a source said.

Jon still pays ex-wife Kate Gosselin child support for their kids.

While he has been approached to do several projects like invest in new companies or be the face of a product, Jon wants something more substantial.

Even if that means working ... wait for it ... a 9-to-5 job again! Hey, it's probably a better move in the event of a cash woes than stalking rich cougars.

"Absolutely, 100 percent," a source responded when asked if Jon would consider going back to a "normal" day job. "He's considering different options."

"He's not looking for something short term."

Jon, who used to work in the IT field before he hit reality TV fame, is simply looking for "something he can do well." That alone may limit his choices.

"He's getting his life back together a little bit at a time. He has a stable relationship with someone (Ellen Ross) who has a job, he has his own place."

"He's exercising again, he's in a good place."

Again? He did before? Who knew.


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