Vienna Girardi's Shady Past Includes Drug Kingpin Ex

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Scandalous info about Vienna Girardi is hardly in short supply, but dating an alleged drug lord up until the moment she met Jake Pavelka? Didn't see that coming!

Vienna Girardi dated Chase Alley until she left for the L.A. taping of The Bachelor, during which he went down in the biggest drug bust in Central Florida history.

On March 5, he was hit with 50 counts of buying, selling and possessing marijuana, along with money laundering, drug trafficking, importing and racketeering.

In short, Vienna made a good choice with Jake Pavelka.

He may be an uptight stiff and there's no way they're actually getting married, let's face it, but at least he's available to hang out between now and 2039.

Sweet Vienna

Vienna Girardi has great taste in men! [Photo:]

A Chase Alley friend, Andrew Bachanov, tells Radar Online that "he never told girls about the drugs" and dated Vienna "because she was going to be famous."

Everyone knew she was going to be on The Bachelor at the time, says his pal, and Chase wanted a piece of that infamy. He ended up getting it ... sort of.

The college student made headlines as one of 41 people arrested in a massive drug bust and gun raid. His operation was said to make $750,000 a week.

This is on top of her ex-husband, who she supposedly cleaned out while he was in the military, and not the same ex who was arrested for stalking Vienna.

She might want to take Jillian Harris' advice and tune out celebrity gossip, because very little of it that involves her is flattering.

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?


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