Justin Bieber Might Pull an Eminem, Definitely Looks Adorable

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On the surface, Justin Bieber and Eminem have about as much in common as Heidi Montag and Mother Theresa.

Bieber doesn't have any children, hasn't penned any threatening lyrics about his ex-wife and has never entered rehab for a painkiller addiction.

But the 16-year old is considered by many to be the world's biggest pop star, while Eminem has often enjoyed the same recognition within the rapping community.

Need more similarities? Both stars have also released albums that have dominated the music charts, and, ummm, they're Caucasian.

They might also both anchor biopics, as Bieber tells the latest issue of Teen Vogue: “We’re trying to set up a movie for me in the near future - it’s going to be similar to the story of how I got discovered. Kinda like my own version of 8 Mile.”

Seriously Cute

Bieber didn't say that he'll star in the film, but this weekend's Saturday Night Live gave us a glimpse at his burgeoning acting skills. They aren't shabby.

Ogle more photos of Bieber below and sound off: Would you watch a movie about his life story?

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