Michelle McGee: Nude, Riding a Bombshell

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Michelle McGee never ceases to amaze. We'll never doubt her again.

Just when you think she can't possibly keep entertaining us, she comes out with a BS apology to Sandra Bullock or an interview in which she plays the victim.

Bombshell McGee

Or photos where she's nude and riding an old-school bombshell. Yes, really. Jesse James' mistress wearing nothing but ammo and living up to her nickname.

Again, how long can this trashy chick keep one-upping herself for our amusement? At least this doesn't qualify as a Nazi photo, but it's almost as revolting.

Here's Michelle "Bombshell" McGee in all her absurd, naked glory ...


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Michelle McGee is a tattoo model, whatever that is. She's also Jesse James' alleged side piece in his Sandra Bullock cheating antics.... More »
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