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Earlier today, we posted a few photos of Ke$ha from the latest issue of Interview magazine. In a word, those images were strange.

In the same edition of that publication, meanwhile, there are a series of Kellan Lutz pictures. In a word, they are HAWT!

Asked how he ended up in Hollywood, the Twilight Saga star replied:

“I have a lot of older brothers who messed up in different ways in my mother’s eyes. So I learned from all of their mistakes… I always tried to make it a goal to relieve some of the stress my mother went through. I applied myself to school very diligently. I wanted to go out of state so I wouldn’t have to depend on my mother. And L.A., where my father lived, seemed to call to me.”

Despite the shot above and the ones below, Lutz insists that he isn’t pretty.

“It’s funny when people say you have sex appeal or call you the next Brad Pitt… Why? Because I played a vampire in a movie? It’s all very unearned,” he says. “If I had the best freaking abs in the world or if I looked like Brad Pitt does in Fight Club, then cool, but I’m not starving myself. I eat what I want… I don’t get it, but I appreciate it.”

Female admirers all over the world appreciate it, as well. A lot. Ogle more of Kellan below: