Ke$ha: Fighting a War, Posing with Paint

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In the latest issue of Interview magazine, Ke$ha is described as the "chart-topping, glitter-caked new queen of drunk-girl dance music. [She] might very well be the perfect post-modern pop star: one who lives her life like it’s a reality show.”

But is that image contrived? Many critics think Ke$ha is full of $hit, just pretending to be eccentric in order to garner publicity.

The singer swears she really is a freak, though, and a quote in the Interview feature seems to back this up:

“None of it’s fabricated. Like, I have a belief that if I wear my placenta in a necklace, there’s a possibility of me gaining second sight, like being psychic. I would be wearing it whether or not I was in the public eye... I went yesterday to a past-life regressionist, and he told me that in my past life I was assassinated. I’m pretty sure that I was JFK in my past life.”

Well... okay then.

The artist, born Kesha Rose Sebert, also refers to herself as a "Dance Commander" instead of a "star" because she says the latter label is "douchey."

What are the responsibilities of a Dance Commander?

"I’m not pretentious," she says. "I’m fighting this war against all that because pop music, in my opinion, should be fun. One of the most important things in the world is having the ability to turn someone’s mood from mediocre to excellent in three minutes. It’s like a fucking magic trick."

Does Ke$ha accomplish that trick for you? Ponder that question as you check out more photos from the magazine pictorial below:


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