Jon Gosselin Still on the Hook For Child Support

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They fought child labor accusations together, now they're back to fighting each other. Despite his recent shady legal maneuver bid for custody, Kate Gosselin wants d-bag ex-husband Jon to pay child support until their eight kids are adults.

That applies no matter how much money she rakes in.

Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian, says he'll make sure he does despite Kate making bank now - hundreds of thousands on Dancing with the Stars.

"She won't let him off the hook for child support, no matter how much money Kate makes," he says. "[Jon Gosselin] will have to contribute."

"It's every parent's responsibility."

Our Boy Jon G.
Kate Glams Up

NOT SO FAST: If Jon Gosselin thinks bitching about Kate's fame and fortune gets him off the hook, he can forget about it. [Photos:]

Jon's recent lawsuit alleges that Kate is an absentee mom who puts fame ahead of their kids. An ironic claim, since she's paying the bills for 'em.

Momjian says Jon has an obligation to work and must pay child support commensurate to his salary. If that means getting a job at a restaurant, some of the loser's paycheck should go to the kids, regardless of what Kate makes.

That does make logical sense. As does his sudden openness to a second iteration of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Dude's gotta get a paycheck from something ...

Who should have custody of the Gosselin kids?

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