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A man of his word, Jon Gosselin made good on a threat to file legal papers asking a Pennsylvania judge for primary custody of his children with Kate Gosselin.

Jon also wants the child support order that is currently in place – in which the huge douchebag is on the hook for a huge sum every month – reviewed by the judge.

Jon claims the arbitrator in the divorce “failed to take into consideration the numerous factors provided for by the law in PA.” Such as Jon being a broke loser?

His lawyer, Anthony F. List, said earlier this week that Kate is an “absentee mom” and that her being on Dancing with the Stars is the latest, flagrant example.

Team Kate hit back that Jon’s attempt to win custody is “pathetic.”

The worst part about this custody fight? Someone has to win.

Mark Momjian, her attorney, hit back at him, saying Jon’s motives are transparent: “He’s never questioned her ability to provide for their children. He’s out of the limelight, while 23 million people are watching Kate on Dancing with the Stars.”

Way to get in an irrelevant dig there about who’s more famous.

Momjian adds, more validly, how it’s ironic that Kate is effectively the breadwinner, but when she goes to earn a living he then says she’s not caring for the kids.

The lawyer defended Kate’s parenting and says the legal documents filed by Jon are so “incoherent” and flawed that he expects the judge to throw the case out.

Momjian says that Jon Gosselin, who owes $20,000 a month in support and may be simply looking for a way to circumvent that, is out for Jon alone, adding:

“Do I think his motivation is the children’s best interest. Squarely no.”

Who should have custody of the Gosselin children?