Vienna Girardi: The Beaver Shot

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The Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi is one classy chick.

Before being picked by Jake Pavelka as his trophy fiancee on the ABC dating show, she was doing the usual stuff - bikini and occasional topless modeling.

We don't know what kind of calendar features topless girls in scarves holding giant stuffed beavers, but thank goodness TMZ unearthed a photo from it:

Vienna Girardi, Beaver

Vienna Girardi's beaver: Insert crude joke of choice here!

Despite rumors that she is an airhead, and/or a manipulative b!tch who "tricked" Jake, and haters speculating that they absolutely will not last, they appear happy.

At least until Jake sees these ridiculous photos of his (hopefully) drunk future wife circulating online. That won't be good. We give it a few weeks at the most ...

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Vienna Girardi Biography

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi
Vienna Girardi is a contestant on the 14th season of The Bachelor, pining for hunky Jake Pavelka along with 24 other aspiring trophy... More »
Sanford, Florida
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Vienna Girardi