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The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka has totally been hitting on women not named Vienna Girardi since the show, according to a scandalous, unsubstantiated new report.

At a January Dallas Mavericks basketball game, an attractive young woman caught the eye of the pilot, who got engaged to Vienna on the season finale beforehand.

A witness says that Jake followed her from her seat to the concession stand where he dropped the ultimate pickup line: "You might have seen me on a TV show."

What a smooth operator. He followed that up with "I think you are so beautiful, and you shouldn't be standing here alone." Man, this guy has a way with women.

Jake Pavelka was rebuffed, however, as the woman in question turned out to be engaged, and her "beefy fiance" put the kibosh on The Bachelor's advances.

Vienna Girardi, Jake Pavelka Pic

Has Jake already been straying from Vienna? Or trying to?

Other sources say Pavelka isn't as serious as his bride-to-be Girardi when the cameras are off: "Everything he's ever done has been with the goal of getting to the next level," one source says, and you won't believe what level he means.

When the religious star embarked on The Bachelor taping, he claimed to have "zero intention" of marrying any of the Bachelorettes. A source reports that he told his girlfriend Tanya Douglas that his goal was completely spiritual.

"He told her he was going to lead 25 women to God," the insider claims.

That quote has a greater chance of being real than Jake has of actually walking down the aisle with Vienna (even if they talk a good game about procreating hard).

What do you think of these latest Jake Pavelka cheating rumors? Anything his fiancee should worry about? Will Jake and Vienna Girardi last?

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