Siobhan Magnus Paints American Idol Black

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Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox dominated ladies' night last week. Last night, on the first show of the American Idol finals, the two ladies were 1-2 again.

At least that's how we saw it, but we doubt we'll receive too many arguments. With the possible exception(s) of Big Mike and Aaron Kelly, no one came close to these two.

Not that Crystal wasn't her usual, solid self, but if there was a clear winner Tuesday, it was Siobhan, who gave "Paint It, Black" dramatic flair on Rolling Stones night.

Her vocal range was amazing and the overall performance riveting. Kara DioGuardi compared her to Adam Lambert, which is not praise thrown around lightly.

She was a tough act to follow for Crystal Bowersox, whose rendition of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" seemed to suit her style perfectly. Typically solid.

Siobhan Sings
Crystal Bowersox Does it Again

It was Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox's show last night.

Any other week, it may have been tops, but Simon opined that Siobhan outperformed her. A good thing, he said, as Crystal is obviously legit but needs to raise her game.

Aside from Michael Lynche's "Miss You" and Aaron Kelly's tender "Angie," most of the other efforts weren't impressive. Who's going home? There are plenty of candidates.

Tim Urban's reggae style "Under My Thumb" and Lacey Brown's "Ruby Tuesday" struck us as a few performances that could result in a heave-ho. Who knows.

Do you agree with our assessment of Tuesday's elite? Who do you see going home on American Idol tonight? Here's how we rank last night's performances:

  1. Siobhan Magnus, "Paint It, Black"
  2. Crystal Bowersox, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" 
  3. Michael Lynche, "Miss You"
  4. Aaron Kelly, "Angie"
  5. Lee DeWyze, "Beast of Burden"
  6. Didi Benami, "Play With Fire"
  7. Paige Miles, "Honky Tonky Women"
  8. Casey James, "It's All Over Now"
  9. Katie Stevens, "Wild Horses"
  10. Andrew Garcia, "Gimme Shelter"
  11. Lacey Brown, "Ruby Tuesday"
  12. Tim Urban, "Under My Thumb"

Click to enlarge photos of the finalists in action ...

Big Mike Live
AG Pic
Didi Benami in Action
Casey James, Watch Your Speed
Downtown Lacey Brown
Urban Myth
Katie Stevens Photograph
Dewyze Choice
(Paige) Miles to Go
Aaron Kelly Does the Stones
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