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Michael Jackson’s mom Katherine insists the recent incident involving Jermaine Jackson’s son Jaafar and the stun gun he tried to use on Blanket was an isolated event.

Other reports seem to indicate otherwise, however. From what we’ve gathered, the attempted attack on MJ’s son was indicative of the utter chaos in the house.

Jaafar Jackson is no stranger to playing with guns, according to TMZ, which got its hands on a disturbing video which appears to have been shot a few months ago.

In the tape, Jaafar barges in on brother Jermajesty’s room (yes, Jermaine has a son named freaking Jermajesty), with gun drawn, ordering him to get on the ground.

Jaafar proceeds to push Jermajesty to the ground, pretend to pistol-whip him, handcuff him and give the youngster an incomplete version of his Miranda rights.

Jaafar Jackson with pop Jermaine and his wife Halima Rashid.

Jaafar then tells his brother, “Don’t move or I’ll bust your head open.”

He went on to cock the gun, point it to Jermajesty’s head, and pull the trigger until it clicks. Disturbing. The tape has not been made available for obvious reasons.

He then drags his “dead” bro by the leg out of the room.

As for the Blanket stun gun incident, sources say Jaafar pointed came at two of Michael’s kids – Blanket and Prince – though the family says they weren’t in the room.

Much as the Jacksons try to downplay it, officials aren’t biting.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are still reviewing the stun gun incident, but Jermaine Jackson should probably get his parenting act together.