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Paula Abdul may be insane. As in actually not of sound mind.

As week ago, we were talking about her hosting Star Search. That sounded like a good fit for the former American Idol judge, but she turned it down.

To host a new reality show based around flash mob dancing.

Seriously. EW sources confirm that the project, which is being produced by the folks behind The Biggest Loser, would feature Abdul and dancing god Kenny Ortega (High School Musical, This Is It) choreographing mass dances in public locations.

A Kiss from Paula Abdul
(Brian To/

Try to refrain from laughing out loud if you’re at work now. An NBC insider stresses that a deal is far from done, of course, so she could still flake.

We sort of hope for her sake that she does.

Paula Abdul may want to reach out and grab some common sense if she is seriously considering this new career “opportunity.” [Photo:]