American Idol Frowns on Lacey Brown

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Following Tuesday night's American Idol performances, and given how average a lot of them were, it isn't surprising to see Lacey Brown go on last night's results show.

The pastor's daughter from Texas got no love from the judges or the fans for her cover of "Ruby Tuesday," landing in the bottom three with Tim Urban and Paige Miles.

Urban would've been equally deserving of a pink slip, but this isn't The Bachelor, where they make up rules on the fly. One stays, one goes. Nice knowing you, Lacey.

Ryan announced the return of the "Judges Save" option, allowing the esteemed panel to reverse decisions if fans really, really screw up, but it was not used on Brown.

Instead, she sang farewell to her attempt at stardom with Brandi Carlile's "The Story," an emotional track prominently featured on Grey's Anatomy a few seasons ago.

Lacey Sings Goodbye

Lacey Brown bids American Idol farewell.

If Brown and her bottom three cohorts underscored anything, it was how dramatic the dropoff is in talent from the top handful to the rest of the pack.

Here's how we see the remaining finalists, grouped into tiers ...

The Contenders

Should Hang Around Awhile

  • Didi Benami
  • Lee DeWyze
  • Andrew Garcia

Bottom Three Calling Any Day Now

  • Paige Miles
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Katie Stevens
  • Tim Urban
Season 9 Top 11

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