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Susan Boyle might be enjoying professional success – her debut album broke chart records around the globe and she performed this month at the Sanremo music festival in Italy – but the singer’s siblings are worried about the toll this is taking on her personally.

“The traveling and the whole [fame] thing is exhausting. She still has her anxieties and her loneliness,” brother Gerry tells People in its latest issue.

Susan’s brother John is even more blunt in the assessment of his sister:

“She needs 24-hour care. She needs to be looked after.”

Someone broke into Boyle’s home last month and the singer reportedly hasn’t been the same since. She often makes late-night calls to family and friends, pal Lorraine Campbell says.

“She knows she can come up to me anytime,” said Campbell. “If she’s upset, she’ll stay the night. Security would bring her up to my house. I take her home in the morning. Susan stayed with me a week ago. Nighttime is a lonely time for her.”

Hang in there, SuBo. We wish you the best.