Jersey Shore Ready to Take Miami?

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No offense, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, but taking your reality show to the Sunshine State accomplished little other than a brief run-in with a THG editor.

Well, that and Kourtney getting knocked up by Scott Disick.

In any case, there's a Category 3 fist pump warning in South Florida as of this morning, as MTV is scouting beaches in Miami for a perfect spot for Season 2.

The producers of Jersey Shore recently contacted Miami's Mynt Lounge, asking for clearance to shoot inside the club in March-April. Sprinnggg Breaaaaak!!!

Snooki, Vinny and Mike

Are Vinny, Snooki, The Situation and cohorts Miami-bound?

Reports suggest that 495 Productions is "currently researching Miami Beach as a possible location" for Season 2, which the full Jersey Shore cast is on board for.

However, they "won't be able to shoot the show on Miami Beach unless we're able to shoot in the hottest clubs." Nothing but class for Snooki, Pauly D & Co.

While Miami would be an obvious and worthy choice, Jersey Shore has not committed to one city yet and is still scouting nine other cities here and abroad.

The Situation should be bringing home a broad a night regardless of where he and his fellow guidos end up. Sorry, but you had to know that was coming.

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