Drugs, Shmugs: Brooke Mueller Shoots Down "Lies" and Rumors

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Following days of mixed reports - is she in rehab? is she back on drugs? is she just recovering from an illness? - Brooke Mueller has decided to set the record straight.

In the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Charlie Sheen's troubled wife simply says: “There are so many lies out there."

Hi, Brooke Mueller!

Here's the truth, according to Brooke's mom, Moira Fiore: On January 20, her daughter was taken to the hospital due to a fever/infection caused by the removal of her wisdom teeth. Speculation that Mueller had been drinking too much are nonsense.

“The infections and pneumonia are what caused the shutting down of her organs,” Fiore said. “Brooke was very sick.”

On January 26, Brooke checked herself into Two Dreams in North Carolina, a facility that helps people recover from grave illnesses. Sources clamed she had relapsed with cocaine, as some even alleged she had drugs delivered to her in the ICU.

Total BS, Fiore says.

“This is ridiculous! There were tubes down her throat — how in the world would anyone in this position do drugs?”

We're not sure if pointing to Brooke's mere physical incapacity is the best defense, but point taken. In conclusion, Mueller's mom has her grandchildren in mind.

"She would never put her boys at risk," Fiore said.


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