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Last month, Monica Leon – aka “Danger” – accused Ray J of being gay. But that isn’t the only firestorm she’s started this year.


According to TMZ, the former For the Love of Ray J finalist has been detained by police, following a fire in her Hollywood apartment. She appears to be a suspect in an arson investigation.

Jenna Marbles Tries a New Style

Why would Danger start a fire? It’s unclear. Why would she get a tattoo on her face?

Here’s what went down: the L.A. City Fire Department responded to a 911 call from Danger’s complex at approximately 2:15 p.m. yesterday. When police arrived, the fire had been extinguished, but arson investigators were called anyway.

Due to evidence at the scene, authorities took Danger into custody pending further investigation. She’s being held under a 72-hour watch.

In December, Monica was placed in a 5150 psychiatric hold after an incident involving her newborn daughter.

She’s not exactly at the level or Ryan Jenkins, but maybe, just maybe, it’s time for VH1 to re-evaluate its reality TV shows and how it screens – or, clearly, fails to screen – its contestants.