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The NBA’s Washington Wizards have told locker room heat-packing star Gilbert Arenas that they believe he is in violation of his mammoth $111 million contract.

As a result of his actions – a gun-toting standoff with a teammate in the team’s facility – the Wizards say they have the right to void Arena’s deal, and may do so.

A team official was trading text messages with Arenas after the locker room incident with Javaris Crittenton, which sources say may have been caught on tape.

In one of the texts, the official told Arenas the team felt he violated the clause in his contract barring him from engaging in conduct detrimental to the team or NBA.

They could have the contract voided as a result.

AGENT ZERO DOLLARS: That’s what Gil could be called soon.

Most NBA contracts contain morality clauses, but it’s difficult to prove that legally and void a contract on such grounds. Case in point? Ron Artest still has a job.

Nevertheless, there are strong indications the Wizards want out of the deal. The team has been almost overly cooperative in the investigation targeting Arenas.

The rationale there? Criminal charges sure make it easier to prove a morality clause was violated. Perhaps they’re secretly (or overtly) rooting for law enforcement.

Gilbert Arenas has been suspended indefinitely by the league.