Mel Gibson Has Tiger Woods' Back Again

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Tiger Woods should hire Mel Gibson as his personal PR guy.

For the second time in as many weeks, the actor has seen fit to run to the golfer's aid, unprovoked. Tiger's mistresses had better watch out, too, because it seems like Mel is developing serious feelings for the world's #1 golfer.

"So, you know, I love the guy. He's full of flaws, like all the rest of us. And he's going through a rough time," Gibson told Good Morning America Monday.

"I feel bad for the guy, I mean, they're beating the hell out of him."

Tiger may be in sex addiction rehab after balling more than a dozen waitresses while married and having two little kids, but to Mel, that's easy to get past:

He's only human, after all.

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Mel Gibson loves talking about Tiger Woods for some reason.

"Ask any human being walking on the planet, 'Have you ever done anything that you're not proud of?'" the Edge of Darkness star posited. "And I think most people will say, 'Yes. I've done a few things I'm not too proud of.'"

Well, yeah. But does that give you license to do whatever you want and say you're only human after? Or make you immune from public criticism somehow?

Fortunately, Mel broke down the Tiger Woods scandal, in all its sordid and incredibly dubious detail, into one simple statement that no one can argue with:

"Jeez, I just want to watch him play golf. I want to see him swing a club, man."

Okay, Mel, we're with you on that. Ever since Thanksgiving, when Elin Woods did the swinging, we've missed Tiger on the links. Come back soon, man.

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