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After exhaustively scouring every possible detail and weighing every option, the LAPD investigation into Michael Jackson’s death has finally been completed.

The case will go to the D.A. within weeks, law enforcement sources are saying, and it looks all but certain that Dr. Conrad Murray will be criminally charged.

The only question: what charge(s) he faces.

Detectives completed their investigation of the Michael Jackson case last month and it will soon be formally presented to the L.A. County District Attorney.

Best Dancer Ever?
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TMZ says that the presentation will draw quite the crowd, given the enormity of the case, and finding a date when all necessary parties can show is tough.

Just the same, it should happen this month.

Dr. Conrad Murray is about to get an updated mug shot!

The LAPD investigation was “extremely thorough” and the D.A. has enough evidence to pull the trigger on their criminal case against Dr. Conrad Murray.

That being said, the case is extremely complicated, in part because Dr. Murray apparently did not break any laws in administering Propofol to Jackson.

It’s all but certain charges will be filed against Murray, who was Jackson’s personal physician as he prepped for his This Is It tour. Michael died June 25.

Insiders say the most likely charge Murray will face is involuntary manslaughter, which requires a showing of the doc’s gross negligence, but not murder.

It would be difficult to prove – and unlikely the case – that Murray wanted Jackson dead, which a murder charge would imply. Sorry, LaToya Jackson.