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Last week in a Good Morning America interview, Janet Jackson said that because Dr. Conrad Murray was the one administering the anesthetic Propofol to her brother Michael, he should be held responsible for the music icon’s death.

Janet’s sister La Toya had no intention of being so diplomatic.

In an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail in July, La Toya said in no uncertain terms that Michael was murdered. Last night, she was back on the attack.

Murray returned to work yesterday after suspending his medical practice in the aftermath of Jackson’s death, which is still being investigated by cops.

La Toya Jackson on Hollywood Medium

La Toya, 53, shredded Dr. Conrad Murray when confronted by paparazzi outside of Boa Steakhouse, warning to his patients: “Nobody should hire him.”

“Dr. Murray murdered my brother and it was wrong.”

La Toya Jackson: No fan of Conrad Murray. [Photo:]

Murder may be a stretch, as we doubt Murray wanted things to turn out this way … with the beloved entertainer dead and criminal charges against him likely.

But La Toya does make a point. Patients dying from drug overdoses they never should have had administered? Usually not something a person seeks in a doc.