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Has Whitney Houston fallen off the wagon?

The singer, who came clean about all her drug issues in an interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, has been showing signs of her formerly destructive behavior, friends say.

“Everyone is worried about her,” an insider tells The National Enquirer. “Whitney seems to go from being a nervous wreck to being completely out of it in a short period of time – just like she did when she was freebasing and using crack cocaine.

“She is still drinking and alcohol and drugs have always gone hand-in-hand. She’s worked so hard to get back on top. It would be tragic for it to go up in smoke because she can’t stay clean.”

Whitney Houston in 2004
(Getty Images)

We hope this isn’t true, but it would be hard to blame Whitney if it is. After all, she has to watch ex-flame Ray J flaunt his single lifestyle every week on VH1’s For the Love of Ray J.

That show is enough to drive anyone to the bottle.