THG on TV: A Holiday Comedy Bonanza

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With hits like The Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy and FlashForward airing repeats until the new year, last night's TV offerings were somewhat limited.

But there were plenty of laughs to be had, thanks to holiday-themed episodes from NBC's roster of comedies and MTV's new, unintentionally funny hit.

Our friends at TV Fanatic have compiled some reviews of last night's viewing. Follow the links for full rundowns (and LOL-worthy quotes) from each:

  • Okay, we lied. Fringe isn't a comedy. But it was solid last night, thanks to Thomas Newton's resurrection and Walter Bishop's readmission.
  • Suffice it to say, everyone at Greendale celebrates religion in his or her own way, and suffice it to say, Community was hilariously un-PC.
  • A Christmas scandal rocked Parks and Recreation. Well, at least as much as any political sex scandal can possibly rock Pawnee, Indiana.
  • Julianne Moore guest-starred, the cast feuded, Liz acted like a bigger nerd than usual, and Tracy and Ken talked religion on 30 Rock.
  • Holiday episodes often bring out The Office quotes to remember, and last night was no exception. In other news, the branch is saved!
  • If you haven't seen the greatness that is Jersey Shore on MTV, you owe it to yourself to watch ... and laugh at them, not with them.

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