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Another week, another great tabloid cover from OK!

We haven’t heard a whole lot from Katie Holmes in awhile, probably because she’s been let out of her cage long enough to do some of her own projects.

Meanwhile, her husband, Tom Cruise, is overseas filming the action-romance Knight & Day with Cameron Diaz. Is the separation hurting their marriage?

Rumors that the couple, who celebrated their three-year anniversary November 18, have separated because of marital tensions are running rampant.

Tom Cruise in 2015

On the contrary, though, OK! can exclusively make up report that Tom and Katie reached a deal on expanding their family: for $75 million, she’ll do it!!

In other news, Tiger Woods apparently “reveals what really happened” in this issue. We doubt it, unless they mean how he lost the PGA Championship to Y.E. Yang.

While right now work is Katie’s first priority, which Tom doesn’t agree with, she plans to get pregnant “sometime in the next year.” And in return?

Well, she becomes $75 million more “vested” in Tom’s fortune. Talk about a romantic offer. Wonder how much she got for creating Suri Cruise.

Part of the reason for Katie’s independent streak? She wants to feel like an equal partner in the marriage for once, not just the wife of a megastar.

“She no longer feels like she’s just Mrs. Cruise. She’s her own person again,” a pal tells OK! of the couple’s decision. “She and Tom have their disagreements, but deep down they love each other very much. That’s what is important.”

That and creating celebrity gossip “news” like this.