Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: It's (Not Really) Baby Time!

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie must have moved past the whole suicide attempt thing pretty quick, because Baby No. 7 is totally on its way.

Life & Style says so. You know it's true.

According to the celebrity gossip magazine, Angie playfully grabbed at Brad's tux, gazed at him lovingly and ran her fingers through his hair in public recently.

That's when you knew something was up.

These two aren't usually into PDA, but what onlookers were witnessing at the UNICEF ball December 10 in L.A. was the happiness of a couple trying for baby No. 7.

And what joy that baby will bring them ...

Baby No. 7 is on its way ... at some point, in the future.

Of course, at no point does this article say, despite the misleading headline, that Brad Pitt got Angelina Jolie pregnant. Just that she wants another baby ... sometime.

"Angelina decided about four months ago that she really wanted to try to get pregnant again," an insider said. "She basically told Brad that if it happens, it happens."

Shocking developments right there. Wonder if this was a response to Jennifer Aniston's baby news. Given the bitter feud between the two actresses, probably.

"She isn't going to concern herself with birth control and Brad was okay with it. Angie's most at peace when a baby is coming," the Jolie source made up said.

Congratulations to the couple ... we guess!

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