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The Associated Press has followed the lead of The Hollywood Gossip.

As we countdown the top celebrities of 2009, the AP has leaped directly to its top spot: its named Taylor Swift the Entertainer of the Year.

“I am so honored and so excited,” Swift said after receiving the honor, which was voted on by newspaper editors and broadcast producers  “This was so unexpected, and I could not be more grateful.”

Last year, Tina Fey won the award. In 2007, it went to Stephen Colbert. Why did it go to Swift this time, who sits at number-seven in THG‘s year-end rankings?

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“In a time of ‘made’ musicians, she writes her own songs and has her own sparkly style,” said Danielle Kiracofe, entertainment editor for the Stars and Stripes military newspaper. “She’s managed to do all of this with grace, class and poise — and without uttering a swear word, dancing on a pole or wearing next to nothing. At the age of 20.”

It’s worth noting, once again, all Taylor accomplished in 2009:

  • She headlined a sold-out tour across 52 cities;
  • Won Album of the Year at the Country Music Awards;
  • Earned give American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year;
  • Hosted Saturday Night Live.

Heading into 2010, Swift is nominated for eight Grammy Awards and co-stars in the movie Valentine’s Day, where she makes out with boyfriend Taylor Lautner. Could she actually top 2009?

“I love to plan 20 steps ahead of myself, and it’s really fun competition game that I play with myself, trying to top what I’ve done last,” she said. “For [my] next record, that’s all that I’ve been thinking about, that’s all that my mind has been fixated on for the last year, and it’s all that I’m going to be thinking about for this next year.”