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A long-time friend of Kim Kardashian, an ex of Lindsay Lohan and a general source for gossip fodder, Courtenay Semel wants to set the record straight.

Did she really intervene with Lindsay last week? Does she have a reality show in the works? Any sex tapes in her closet?

The Hollywood Gossip spoke exclusively to Semel, who covers the upcoming issue of Curve. She didn’t hold anything back…

The Hollywood Gossip: Tell us about your upcoming Curve feature.
Courtenay Semel: I’m a photshoot virgin. I’ve never done a photo shoot before and I got asked to do this. I was shocked. I’m so honored they asked me to do the cover. I always felt uncomfortable about the fact that I basically got outed in a non-existent lesbian relationship. I felt I finally had a chance to “out” myself. That’s normally the way it goes.

THG: Will you be making any appearances at events or on talk shows to publicize it?
Courtenay: I am, of course, having a party. I love parties. Not doing much to publicize this, but I do hope it’ll show everyone a different side of me. There’s a lot more to me than all the rumors and madness I went through this year.

THG: Do you have any other projects in the works?
Courtenay: I’m doing a show with Bunim Murray productions. The network is a secret, but its really exciting. You’ll find out soon enough. Looking for a publisher for my book and just wrote my first feature, they’ll all be a part of my show.

THG: Is there someone special in your life these days?
Courtenay: No. I’m absolutely positively single and ready to mingle. I’m married to my career right now.

THG: Do you still speak with Tila Tequila?
Courtenay: Tila and I still keep in touch. We’ll always be friends.

THG: What about Kim Kardashian?
Courtenay: Of course. She’s one of my oldest friends of life.

THG: Lindsay Lohan?
Courtenay: I supposedly cornered her in a bathroom last week at Crown bar and begged her to go to rehab. I don’t remember that happening. But maybe that’s the way to get her attention…

THG: Let’s play word association! We’ll name a celebrity. You tell us the first word(s) that comes into your head:
– Miley Cyrus: Prodigy superstar.
– Spencer Pratt: Amazing with a capital A.
– Paris Hilton: Hot.
Jon Gosselin: Desperate.
– Robert Pattinson: Enough already.
– Sarah Palin: Nightmare.

THG: Do you have any message for your fans and followers?
Courtenay: Thanks for being so very loyal and supportive. My Twitter and Facebook friends RULE. They’ve actually kept me moving forward through all the hard times. I share more with them than my real friends. Tila taught me they’re the most loyal and she is 100% right.

THG: In your ideal scenario, would you record an album? Star on a TV show? Avoid the spotlight altogether?
Courtenay: I tried for years to avoid the spotlight. I always saw myself coming out on the cover of the Variety or the Hollywood Reporter; not literally “coming out” in a fake non existent lesbian relationship.  But I do know: I’m moving to Europe once I find the real love of my life.

THG: Any advice for young celebrities?
Courtenay: Don’t get caught up.. My dad always said “Remember the people who were there for you on the way up because they’ll be the ones there for you on your way down.

A favorite of the paparazzi when she was with Tila Tequila, Courtenay Semel just wants to find love and move to Europe.