Conrad Murray: The Doctor is Back in!

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Forget health care reform in Washington. Dr. Conrad Murray will see you now!

The personal physician who Janet Jackson and a lot of people at the LAPD believe killed Michael Jackson is officially back at work. Patients? Banging down the door.

We're kidding about that ... hopefully. But Dr. Conrad Murray has resumed his medical practice as of this morning, his lawyer confirmed to various media outlets.

Murray will be at the Armstrong Medical Clinic in Houston, Texas, which was searched by police on July 22. Michael Jackson died on Murray's watch June 25.

Dr. Murray Pic

Dr. Conrad Murray has been laying very low for months.

He's got a bigger motivation than clearing his name to get back to work. A judge told him he must pay $1,000 a month in child support or he goes to jail.

We don't see that AEG lawsuit panning out, either.

Whether Murray goes to jail depends on the outcome of the Jackson homicide invesigation and what charges, if any, he faces when the D.A. reviews it.

That's anyone's guess, but we don't imagine he'll get off scot free.