Tom DeLay Quits, Debi Mazar Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars

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Citing injury, former Republican congressman and U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has officially dropped out of Dancing With the Stars.

The politician said that stress fractures in both feet did him in, forcing him out after he accomplished even less this year than Barack Obama.

Although he and Cheryl Burke were safe from elimination, DeLay said that he won't continue with the competition because he "can't practice."

"If you can't practice, you'll make a fool out of yourself out there, and I don't want to do that to Cheryl," the Texas native said on the show.

He added that he was most upset about missing out on dancing next week's Texas two-step, but Dancing With the Stars host Tom Bergeron promised that if DeLay recovers, he can do the routine on the show's season finale.

"I'd love that," DeLay said. "That'd be wonderful."

Despite his serious injuries, Tom DeLay performed the samba, against the advice of his doctors and DWTS producers, on Monday night, and was safe.

"It's starting to hurt a little bit," he said after Monday's show. "It doesn't hurt when you're dancing... It's because of the adrenaline, you don't feel the pain, and that was the case. But I'm going to really feel it tomorrow, I bet you."

"We just decided we're going to take it one rehearsal at a time and see how far I got," he said. "I reached my goal of actually dancing tonight."

How was he motivated to stay in the competition as long as he did?

"I did so poorly last week, and I wanted to show people that I could dance," the Hammer said. "I never quit at anything! And the reason I came on this show is for the challenge, and I want to face the challenge."

Also eliminated on last night's show? Actress Debi Mazar, who is responsible for some good Entourage quotes, but brought little to the dance floor.

Who do you think will win with Mazar and the Hammer gone?


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