Jon Gosselin Wants Credit For Returning Stolen Cash

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In true douchebag fashion, Jon Gosselin has made sure his lawyer makes a huge, public deal out of him returning $180,000 he was not supposed to withdraw and would have surely kept had a judge not threaten to hold him in contempt.

No one at The Hollywood Gossip has ever been arrested for dealing heroin either, Jon, but you don't see our legal team issuing press releases bragging about it.

Jon's lawyer, Mark Heller, says his client is now in "complete compliance" with a court order that he return $180,000 he stole from a joint account with wife Kate.

The attorney says Kate's the one being shady and hiding funds.

"Unless something happens today [with Kate] she will be going through contempt proceedings Monday," Heller told People, pressing the issue with Jon's ex.

Mark Momjian, Kate's attorney, could not be reached for comment. Kate had been ordered to account for $55,000 she withdrew for household expenses.

You know you're a douchebag if you seek credit for things you're supposed to do anyway. And have really bad hair plugs and delusions about your celebrity status.

Jon accused her of harboring much more than that from book royalties. Kate charged that Jon's withdrawal left her unable to feed her kids or pay bills.

Both sides filed contempt motions against each other for allegedly violating a divorce arbitrator's guidelines for how their joint money should be spent.

These people really suck.

Meanwhile, we knew Jon thinks highly of himself - so delusionally that he thinks his time is worth $10,000 an hour - but we weren't aware it was this bad.

The moron is looking for new avenues to keep his bad hair plugs on the news after TLC renamed his show Kate Plus 8, then pulled the plug on it altogether.

He's wants a spot on celeb editions of The Amazing Race or Survivor. We're for it if CBS crews "accidentally" abandon him somewhere in the South Pacific.

Worst. Dad. Ever.

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