Jon Gosselin Thinks Highly of Jon Gosselin

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Jon Gosselin must think his esteemed position as President of Douchebag Nation entitles him to collect gigantic paychecks everywhere His Majesty goes.

Specifically, Jon values his own existence as worth $12,000 an hour. That's how much he wants to appear on a Florida radio show, anyway. Yes, really.

Tampa's MJ Morning Show contacted Gosselin's rep in the hopes of booking the reality TV father of eight to guest co-host his show for one morning.

The radio show offered two first class round trip plane tickets (perfect for him to bring Hailey Glassman), limo service and a first class hotel room.

But apparently that wasn't even close to sealing the deal.

On top of all those perks, Gosselin's rep requested an "appearance fee ... in the 10-12K range." Man, who does this guy think he is, Spencer Pratt?

The radio host "fell out of his chair" at Jon's request.

Ruler of the D-Bags

HOLDING COURT: Jon Gosselin, the newly-elected President of Douchebag Nation, basks in the glow of his own celebrity. [Photo:]

Team Jon justified the amount by saying, "[Jon's] name and appearance on your show will instantly draw press, and mark a high point for the show."

It's true. Anything associated with Jon gains instant respect and credibility. He did try to pay himself $180,000 recently, so he probably believes this.

To further present his case, Jon's rep also describes the Ed Hardy-wearing, hair-plug-sporting tool as "quite funny, sharp witted and interesting."

If he doesn't say so himself.


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