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Jon Gosselin is back on the market, having broken up with Hailey Glassman, his girlfriend of several months, Extra is reporting this morning.

“They’re taking a break,” an insider said, adding that it “may not be permanent.”

The reason? Jon met with famed Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (who also advised Michael Jackson) for regular study sessions and counseling.

Afterward, he “apparently decided he needed to spend some time on his own.”

So Jon and Hailey Glassman decided to spllit. But tension had been building.

Slightly damaged, mediocre girls of America, come and get your dream man!

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman first got close in May when Jon stayed with her father, plastic surgeon Lawrence Glassman (who performed a tummy tuck for Jon’s estranged wife, Kate, after she gave birth to their sextuplets), in New York.

The two claim they didn’t become romantically involved until Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce in June, but they’ve been a (fairly) stable item since.

Until earlier this week, that is. Glassman told The Insider she felt “emotionally abused” by Gosselin, a natural liar who is prone to “mantrums.”

“I don’t know why I love him,” she said.

A source close to Hailey reports, “They broke up the day she did that interview. She told me it was gonna be over. She was just waiting to let him go.”

Yesterday, Gosselin was apparently resigned to this fate, admitting in a statement that he got “carried away by the challenges of fame” and yearns to “reconnect with my deeper, more spiritual, more altruistic self.”

We’re not exactly holding our breath.

Hailey Glassman is back on the market, too. Don’t everybody call at once, guys.