Michael Jackson Alive? Video Hoax Snares Thousands

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Here's hoping the 1,200,000 people who clicked on a YouTube video claiming to show Michael Jackson, alive as ever, getting out of a coroner's van and entering an unidentified building didn't get their hopes up too much.

But, given that Elvis died in 1977 and some people still report sightings of the rock pioneer, we're guessing that's giving the public too much credit.

In any case, German TV station RTL admitted making the Michael Jackson hoax for its magazine, Explosiv, and disseminating it to the Internets last week.

There's no telling how many people bought it, but obviously plenty of them where curious enough to take a long look and share it with their friends.


"We sent out a press release before we did the video to alert everyone that it was fake, but it spread really fast," RTL spokesman Heike Schultz said.

Schultz said reaction to the "Michael Jackson alive" video was mixed. Some were offended that the station used Jackson's death as a practical joke, while others appreciated the lesson in how easy it is to spread false information.

We've seen the ghost of Michael Jackson already, but nothing like this.

In addition to the hoax video allegedly showing a living King of Pop, RTL posted a second video the same day, breaking down inconsistencies in the original.

Naturally, that one was viewed only a third as often. Here's the first Michael Jackson hoax video, showing him walking out of the coroner's van:

Follow the jump for the second video, explaining the hoax ...

[video url="http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/videos/michael-jackson-alive-video-hoax/" title="Michael Jackson Hoax Video Explained"] [/video]

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