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Remember Maia Campbell? Yeah, we didn’t either. But apparently years ago she was in Tyrese’s “Lately” and “Sweet Lady” videos, and starred on LL Cool J’s sitcom In The House. As one of the main characters! She was a solid C-lister!

Maia Campbell was also featured in a regular role as Nicole in the short-lived FOX series South Central, playing Larenz Tate’s girlfriend, and was on Thea.

Then she just disappeared. Well, Maia Campbell is back today. Apparently as a foul-mouthed prostitute who will do anything for drugs. Crack in particular.

For whatever reason, the apparent Maia Campbell crack video surfaced today, even though according to some sources, the footage is not exactly current.

Whenever it was filmed, it certainly does not portray Maia in a very flattering light, as she appears to be under the influence of narcotics such as crack.

She also drops more f-bombs and other foul vocab words that we are forced to post the video after the jump. Do not watch if you are easily offended.

Otherwise, check out the Maia Campbell crack video here

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