Ben Roethlisberger Rejects Bizarre Settlement Offer From Andrea McNulty

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is rejecting a strange settlement offer by Andrea McNulty, the former Nevada casino worker who claims the two-time Super Bowl winner sexually assaulted her last year.

Big Ben's attorney, David Cornwell, says the woman’s offer is "bizarre" and will in no way be accepted by the football star, who denies wrongdoing.

McNulty wants Roethlisberger to admit to the allegations, apologize for what he did and donate $100,000 to the Committee to Aid Abused Women, a Reno non-profit organization that offers support to domestic violence victims.

In exchange, she'll drop her sexual assault lawsuit.

Surprisingly, Ben isn't jumping at this opportunity.

In a statement Wednesday, Cornwell called the proposal by Andrea McNulty "insulting" to women who legitimately suffered sexual misconduct.

McNulty sued Roethlisberger in July, accusing him of assaulting her in 2008 in a hotel in Nevada, where he was in town to take part in a celebrity tournament.

Roethlisberger has denied the allegations, claiming they had consensual sex and that's it. According to a co-worker, McNulty even bragged about the encounter.

Other accounts suggest McNulty may be unstable, and reeling from a scam in which she was duped by the death of a fake online boyfriend. Yes, we're serious.

Why she would make such a settlement offer - basically telling him everything's okay if he just says he did it, which he admantly denies - is anyone's guess.

Perhaps because she has no chance of winning and is looking to save face any way she can? Look for this lawsuit to be thrown out altogether before too long.

Do you believe Andrea McNulty?

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