Is Ben Roethlisberger Accuser Andrea McNulty Nutty?

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Either Ben Roethlisberger accuser Andrea McNulty has painted a disturbing picture of the two-time Super Bowl winner, or she has a very active imagination.

The Nevada hotel employee accusing the Pittsburgh Steelers star of raping her last year says that she told him to stop but the football player refused.

She also alleges that she tried to report the sexual assault, but was shut down by her bosses who downplayed it and threatened her job if she spoke out.

There is also the question of the mental state of Andrea McNulty, who has been treated for PTSD, insomnia, anxiety and depression since the incident.

Is this a byproduct of what happened with Roethlisberger? Or, on the flip side, did her condition lead her to embellish what happened with the NFL star?

Below is the timeline of events, according to the plaintiff's lawsuit.

Once again, this is only Andrea McNulty's side of the story. Ben Roethlisberger denies any contact that wasn't consensual took place at any point ...

March 2003: Andrea McNulty begins work as a desk clerk at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe casino and is promoted steadily, becoming executive casino host by February 2008.

July 2008: Ben Roethlisberger checks in at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe to play in the NBC American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament on or about this date; McNulty is introduced to the Steelers quarterback by a butler there.

July 10, 2008: Ben has casual conversation with her about fly fishing.

July 11, 2008: Roethlisberger asks Andrea McNulty to come to his room to fix his TV. She obliges, cannot find anything wrong with it, and tries to leave, only to have him (allegedly) sexually assault her despite her protests.

July 12, 2008: McNulty tells hotel security chief Guy Hyder about the rape. Hyder dismisses her claims and makes some pretty crude remarks about them.

August 2008: McNulty is told that Harrah’s president John Koster will fire her if she "starts rumors" about Roethlisberger. McNulty falls into deep depression.

September 25-26, 2008: McNulty goes to Renown Regional Medical Center, where doctors send her to West Hills Hospital to be treated for anxiety and depression.

October 2, 2008: She is released from West Hills and continues as outpatient.

October 14, 2008: McNulty is admitted to the Saint Helena Hospital in Napa, Calif., and diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and major depression.

October 30, 2008: She is released from the Napa hospital and returns to her Lake Tahoe home, but continues to receive treatment on an outpatient basis.

November 19, 2008: Admitted to a Carson City, Nev., hospital for depression and for poor health due to the lack of eating and sleeping.

Summer 2008: According to a friend, around the time of the incident with Ben, McNulty fell in love with a fictitious Army soldier over email and told people they were engaged. McNulty later told people the soldier was killed in action.

Fall 2008: Hyder asks McNulty for a key to her home so he can check on her. McNulty claims Hyder and others took files from her laptop and other materials.

Thanksgiving 2008: She returns to work and has tear-filled conversation with pit boss; a negative work report says she was visibly upset in front of guests.

Days later: McNulty placed on leave by Harrah’s in house physician.

No criminal investigation was ever launched against Roethlisberger, but McNulty claims she tried to report it and her bosses went to great lengths to stymie her.

Do you believe Ben Roethlisberger accuser Andrea McNulty?

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