Spotted: Heidi Pratt with No Makeup!

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We're not pointing this out because we're saying she's ugly. In fact, we think that with no makeup, Heidi Pratt looks better than she does when she slathers it on.

It's hard to believe she used to be a cute girl, before the makeup, hair extensions and plastic surgery made her look like a horse comprised primarily of silicone.

Still, take away the makeup and you can still see traces of what Heidi Montag used to look like on the first season of The Hills before she went all Hollywood ...

Heidi Pratt? Is that you? We can't entirely tell.

Amazing, no? Heidi was spotted at a yogurt shop in Malibu, Calif., last night, looking relaxed with no make-up on in casual clothing and Ugg boots. Kinda cute.

A lot more so than the Heidi Pratt Playboy spread coming out. Talk about airbrushed and unattractive ... and not even naked! What's the point of even doing it?

Well, money, obviously.

Here are a few more pictures of a casually-dressed Heidi Montag walking and talking with sleazy husband Spencer Pratt. These two are made for each other:

Cool Speidi Picture
Heidi Pratt: No Makeup!

Horsey Face and husband keep it casual for a change. [Photos: Fame Pictures]

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